Living in Florida, you’ll rarely find me without sunglasses. Or flip flops or a glass of tea. Palm trees are my favorite tree and along the ocean shore is where I feel at peace. It’s also where I feel the immenseness of God’s creation. It is awesome and magnificent….almost too much to take in.

A couple of years ago doctors started using this phrase with me: “at your age…” My first thought was to look around and see who they were talking about because surely it wasn’t me. I decided to put that in perspective and realize that at my age I’ve been so very blessed. I’ve been privileged to wear a variety of roles from daughter and sister to wife, mama, meme, friend, teacher, volunteer, and minister. Retired was added a few years ago. I realized I wanted more so I’ve added certified Life Coach and Mental Health Coach to my resume. More recently, I’m a remote counselor for men in a residential recovery program.


Retirement doesn’t come easy for some and I am one of those ‘some’. Like most things, I’m still learning. This blog started with an intention to be more arts/craftsy but, like life, it is meandering, exploring, and discovering.

I’ve never been a brave sort yet I’m not afraid to jump in and try something new. Unless it involves cold water or creepy things and my list of creepy things isn’t short.

Let’s set aside the need to be perfect or to be like, decorate like, look like, (you get the point) someone else. Lets simply enjoy the process and the connections we make with each other and to our Creator. Let’s let our simple creations be offerings to Him.

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An artist is someone who is brave enough to move toward what makes her come alive. – Emily Freeman

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