Living in Florida, you’ll rarely find me without sunglasses. Or flip flops or a glass of tea. Palm trees are my favorite tree and along the ocean shore is where I feel at peace. It’s also where I feel the immenseness of God’s creation. It is awesome and magnificent….almost too much to take in.

A couple of years ago doctors started using this phrase with me: “at your age…” My first thought was to look around and see who they were talking about because surely it wasn’t me. I decided to put that in perspective and realize that at my age I’ve been so very blessed. I’ve been privileged to wear a variety of roles from daughter and sister to wife, mama, meme, friend, teacher, volunteer, and minister. With all of those roles I’ve been a maker.

From coloring and drawing to smashing tiles and making mosaics or rolling clay to form a coiled bowl in elementary school, I’ve set about to create. I even embroidered a rainbow on my cut-off overalls (it was the 70’s).

I come from a line of makers as I was the recipient of clothes my granny made for my Barbie including little crocheted purses. Mama sewed some of my clothes when I was younger and tried her hand at ceramics and toll painting. She often encouraged me to keep learning and trying new creative endeavors.




I’m self taught at most things and very limited when it comes to seeing something in my mind’s eye. Most of the things I paint or draw have been versions of someone else’s work. I let that keep me from calling myself an artist. Until I discovered another artist who confessed not being able to see things in her head.

At my age, I’ve realized being an artist is more than painting or drawing. It’s the way you tell stories and how you make your cornbread. It’s a handmade Valentine and the way you arrange your family photos on the wall. Being an artist is making a Spotify playlist and teaching your grandchildren nursery rhymes even when you can’t remember all the lines.

I’ve just entered a new phase of life where I’ll add retiree to my many roles. It’s this title that’s giving me the opportunity to combine two of my favorite things: creating and connecting and do it through embracing imperfection. That’s the goal of this blog.

You’ll see that my lines are seldom straight in my sketches and my sewing stitches aren’t always even. But, I’m not afraid to jump in and try something new.

This year I’ve made new changes in adding IFRC Life Coach and Board Certified Mental Health Coach to my resume.

Let’s set aside the need to be perfect or to do it like someone else. Lets simply enjoy the process and the connections we make with each other and to our Creator. Let’s let our simple creations be offerings to Him.

An artist is someone who is brave enough to move toward what makes her come alive. – Emily Freeman

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