In the Music He Heals

U2 … Phil Keaggy.. .Van Morrison… Paul McCartney… Paul Simon.. David Crowder…Keith Green… Buckingham-Nicks….Billy Joel’s New York Sate of Mind

I’m going to Graceland, Graceland, Memphis Tennessee….I’m going to Graceland

Graceland, Paul Simon

More than the soundtrack of my life, music tells my story. It gives words, rhythm, heart and soul. 

It soothes.

It heals.

And don’t we all need healing?

I am a servant

I am listening for my name….

So you feed my soul, and you make me grow
And you let me know you love me
And I’m worthless now, but I’ve made a vow
I will humbly bow before thee
Oh, please use me

I Am a Servant, Larry Norman

Larry Norman put words to my doubt and longing. It’s the song we had sung at our ordination and our retirement. It never fails to shake me from my selfishness.

I waited patiently for the Lord 

He inclined and heard my cry 

He brought me up out of the pit 

Out of the miry clay

I will sing, sing a new song 

’40’, U2

The 77’s and Mike Roe…Chris Cornell….CSN&Y and helplessly hoping

Sometimes it’s lonely 

On a lost highway 

Sometimes we cry 

Sometimes we cry

Sometimes We Cry, Van Morrison

Carole King’s Tapestry…Jackson Browne’s I’m Alive….Collective Soul and their Disciplined Breakdown

Great is Thy Faithfulness reminds me ‘morning by morning new mercies I see‘ and washes me from too much of me.

Phil Laeger brought more depth to a familiar I Surrender All

Jesus, I surrender my life to Your blood

I surrender my name for Your glory

I surrender my heart to Your will

I surrender my dreams to the plans You have for me

Thank You for showing me

The emptiness of all I held onto

I surrender it all I surrender my everything for You

Phil Laeger

It is how God speaks to me…how I hear his voice and feel his presence.

Through tears and smiles the music soothes my weary heart and I know I am loved by a God who cares deeply about me.

Deliver me from strategy

From endless clever thinking

Set my sights upon the shore

Keep this boat from sinking down

Let me taste of a fresh wind of reason

And stir the gift within

For I am not a boat left to drift at sea

I remain in you and you remain in me

There is no great distance

Between you and I

Secret of Time, Charlie Peackcock

For years I shared music with others to minister to their hearts because this is how God touches mine.

Now it’s me who needs her heart tended. And so he does. It is well. My spirit is fragile. It breaks easily. But it is well with my soul.

And the wind is at my back …..

All the pride of man laid low and all his works of gold

Nothing can compare with what You are

Let everything else go

Let Everything Else Go, Phil Keaggy

6 thoughts on “In the Music He Heals

  1. I hear your heart, Debby. Music moves us somewhere deep, in joy, in sorrow. It frees us up to weep and laugh and process and praise. May the Spirit bring just the right tunes to your mind at the exact moments you need them.

    He love you so …

    1. So true, Linda, and yes, He always does. xx

  2. I love how God is such a personal God! I had never heard of the song by Larry Norman – but listened to it this morning and was inspired! Thank you for sharing such a sweet song and the reminder of how God can minister in so many ways.

    1. I’m glad you looked up the song and touched by its words as I am. Music is such a gift from God. Thanks, Cara.

  3. As always, thanks for your inspiration. Music, for me, is a form of prayer. And celebration. And hope. My husband tells me I never look happier than when I’m dancing … so music makes some of my happiness as well. Lovely post.

    1. Yes, yes! Music is a form of prayer for me as well. Often when I don’t even realize it. I wish I were a dancer. I wasn’t allowed growing up so have this awful fear of dancing in public (except slow dancing because, really, that’s just swaying 😉). But I dance around the house and love every bit of it!

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