The Happy Forgottens

New Year’s day… brother and I watched the parades followed by daddy watching the football games while mama took down and put away the Christmas decorations.

Unlike today, that meant the ornaments on the tree. Silvery icicles were thrown away. The tree once evergreen fresh, would be taken to the curb for pickup.

Now Hobby Lobby, Pinterest, and Instagram ensure our homes will be filled with decorations for every season. Packing up Christmas includes many boxes that will take the length of at least one bowl game on New Year’s Day to fill.

The New Year feels fresh with our stripped down décor. My mind considers changing things around, a tweak here and there. 

A week later I see it. The one thing that escaped the gathering and packing. The little banner made of tags and stamped with the letters M-E-R-R-Y. 

It hangs over a framed picture in an area I walk by every day. The more familiar things are the more they go unnoticed. And so it did. The MERRY that was forgotten.

I hesitated and looked at the word stated so simply. Would it be so bad to leave it? Maybe I needed this smile when I walked by it every day. I’d notice it more now. Now that it had been forgotten.

What else have I forgotten that needs me to notice?

Friends who need a note of encouragement?

An old photo tucked in a book that sparks gratitude for family?

Words of kindness I’ve failed to share?

Time spent meditating on God’s love?

The sentiment that simple word invites me to share: merry?

Forgotten carries a sadness with it but maybe it’s the spark I needed. Maybe there are happy forgottens too.

6 thoughts on “The Happy Forgottens

  1. I think we all need to keep a little Merry in our lives.

    1. Yes we do. Especially these days it seems.

  2. Love the idea of the happy forgotten! Beautifully said and a reminder that all of it — even the forgotten things — can be redeemd in Him.

    1. I’m forever grateful for His redeeming gifts. ♡

  3. I love the idea of happy forgottens. Serendipity is accidental good fortune … wishing you – and all of us – some happy forgottens and serendipities. Thanks for the reminder of joyous happenstances!

    1. Thanks, Barb. It’s so often the seemingly little things that carry meaningful reminders.

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