Yarn Over Pull Through

The chunky textured crocheted pumpkins caught my eye. Like most things that seem ‘doable’ I set out to learn how to make them. 

Some years ago, my sister-in-law taught me the basic crochet stitch and make a row. We would do this while sitting in meetings we were required to attend. Doing something with my hands, sometimes, engages my brain. 

Back to the crochet pumpkins.

I found a YouTube video called crochet for beginners by this sweet British mum. Her instructions were easy to follow and I eagerly stitched row after row. My biggest struggle was keeping count of the stitches. Turns out this is important.

The pumpkins didn’t look like the ones in the tutorial or Target. The tutorials don’t tell you the white batting will show through the colored yarn and using thicker, chunky yarn is best. 

That was minor compared to my mistakes. I turned the yarn the wrong way on one pumpkin and no amount of stretching and pulling the yarn improved their shape.

What I learned was stitching row after row calms me. I told my husband if I make nothing but rows of stitches I’m satisfied.

It sounds a bit like an old lady in a nursing home who can’t remember her family but stitches away as she mumbles, ‘yarn over, pull through’.

Yes, I’ve asked myself if I’m becoming that person. The one who ignores the world around her for the contentment repetition can bring. 

There is a certain allure to that….to letting our world shrink about us, to knit, bake, paint, a safe cocoon around us. It is tempting indeed.

I rouse myself from the notion that comfort is good. I remind myself how safety can become an idol, a false hope. Neither comfort nor safety are inherently bad but oh, the pull into something that shuts out others or the risky business of faith is not life giving.

I’m still stitching though I moved on to something simpler – a baby beanie.

I have found the Bella Coco tutorials on YouTube to be easy to follow and her lovely British accent is an added bonus.

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