What I Really Want to Make

I’ve made…..quilts and quizzes; cornbread and corny jokes. 

…watercolor paintings, paper pieced collages, and pen and ink drawings…

…music, poetry, scrapbooks, and photo albums.

I’ve made beds and menus, dirty laundry clean and bathtubs sparkle.

I’ve made time to listen and time to cry, time to write, time to laugh, time to grieve, time to dance, time to rest.

I’ve made a little trouble and, hopefully, more peace.

What I really want to make is a difference.

What are you making?

4 thoughts on “What I Really Want to Make

  1. Fabulous post! So great. This will stay with me today as I often ponder the same question. Excellent. Appreciate your writing very much.

    1. It’s taken me far too long to understand I’ve (we’ve) been making all along…with our mothering, teaching, feeding, etc. I look forward to your ponderings if you care to share. ♡

  2. This simply made me smile this morning, Debby. Truth be told, we’re all in process of creating something.

    May it be beautiful.


    1. Indeed we are, Linda. It’s taken me a very long time to ‘get it’.

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