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Family hike near Rainbow Falls in North Carolina

Adventure is not my idea of fun. Yet, adventure has a way of happening anyway.

My husband told our granddaughter the story of he and our son with another father/son hiking part of the Appalachian Trail. They were looking for adventure and what they found was a different sort. Unending rain all night that seeped in the tents, inadequate drinking water supply, backpacks that became twice as heavy after the rain.

Mt. Lincoln Colorado

My brother wanted to hike one of the 14er’s in Colorado several years ago. He and my sister-in-law and the two of us hoped we were ready for the steep elevation on unsure footing. We weren’t hiking from the base of this 14,000 peak but wherever it was novice’s start.

The guys had checked and re-checked the weather forecasts. It was mid-September and the temperatures in Colorado Springs had been warm the several days we’d been there. Still, we were prepared for cooler temps on the mountain and word hoodies over our long-sleeved t-shirts. We even outfitted ourselves with walking sticks.

The trail, if there was one, was rocky. The early morning temperature was chilly and the skies overcast. Not far into our hike snow began to fall. Winds picked up so strong we had to stop walking and bend over to fight against their force.

White-out conditions kept us from reaching the summit.

It was not the adventure we expected but it was, indeed, quite an adventure.

Me and my sister-in-law on our way down the mountain

There are so many stories to tell of how one thing turned into another. These are the times we explore our resiliency. We dig deeper into how we will respond.

I’d prefer explorations that don’t involve sweat or hardship. But these aren’t how we grow.

These adventures bond us as family and friends. They reveal our vulnerability and the meaning of community.

Recently I’ve been exploring what it means to be a Certified Life Coach. I’m learning more about myself and finding confirmation in areas of strength and purpose.

Exploring doesn’t always have to be an adventure but maybe we grow a little more when it is.

This post is part of a 5-day word prompt challenge from Hope*Writers. Check out the #hopewriterlife on Instagram to see more.

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