What Is Your Intention?

photo by hudsoncrafted

I promise that I will try:
To love God,

To be obedient,
To be loving and kind to all,
To be true to the Sunbeam Declaration.

I understand that as a Sunbeam I should:
Pray morning and evening,
Speak the truth,
Be kind to animals,
Never steal, swear, gamble, touch harmful drugs or strong drinks.

These were my intentions as a six-year old who barely understood what harmful drugs or strong drinks were.

I’ve mostly kept them for the 60 years since. Life has become more complicated but how we live shows our intention. Do my actions show my love for God? Am I kind, truthful, prayerful?

Such small words that hold a lifetime of meaning.

Me as a Sunbeam somewhere around age 9

This is second in a series of five writing prompts from Hope*Writers. This prompt is intended for Instagram where you’ll find many others using the hashtag #hopewriterlife

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