Where Have You Signed Your Name?

painted on cardboard by our granddaughter around age 6

I can’t seem to get rid of our children’s and granddaughter’s art. The blob of paint colors on the cheap kraft paper done in preschool is creased with years of being folded and tucked in with others. 

The stick figure drawing of two people our son drew that made us chuckle and the poem he wrote- keepers.

From my youngest, mom encouraged my drawing and subsequent creative pursuits. I remember her telling me to sign my name. On a visit many years later, I was surprised to see a few of them framed and hung in her home. 

Our granddaughter painted this VW van. I noticed her initials in the lower corner. I suspect her mama, also artistically talented, gave her the same instruction. 

From generation to generation to generation we’ve signed our name to the scribbles and sketches, the not-so-good, and very good art.

I’m not sure why as we mainly share these amateur pieces with family. Maybe it will help when these expressions of us are folded to keep tucked in with the family photos.

When I focused on the granddaughters hand-written initials, something I’ve seen many times, it made me consider where I’ve put my mark.

In this time of technology we seldom sign our name. My signature on a keypad at the store is barely legible yet accepted. 

I wonder about the ideas, actions, and beliefs my figurative signature has endorsed. 

When I like a tweet, a Facebook post, Instagram photo, I’m signing my name. I’m saying I agree or affirming your thoughts or work.

Where do I want my endorsement, my name? What do I want others to know I agree with or believe?

I suspect I’ve signed my name to fear and shame; to division and judgement. We may think our signature is unseen but I know better.

Those three letters, cgk, written in a 6-year old’s hand reminded me of all the sentiments and things I’ve authorized.

More than my best photograph or painting I want my signature to be seen on kindness and love. I want to sign on to acceptance and forgiveness. I want my mark to be part of learning, redemption, and grace. Sign me up with the Jesus who loves unconditionally, who cares for the least.

When God’s spirit fills us, we sign on with these virtues:  love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control. Galatians 5:22-23

Yes, that’s where I want to sign.

Where are you signing?

2 thoughts on “Where Have You Signed Your Name?

  1. So convicting! As I was reading this it reminded me of all the things I signed my name to without even thinking about it with intention. Thank you for the reminder of being intentional, especially with our care in Jesus. Grateful for your important words!

    1. Sometimes these things come to me in a deep way. Hopefully, it’s God’s way of helping me be more intentional in my actions. Thanks for your kind words, Cara.

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