In the Quiet

Lake Junaluska, North Carolina

The early morning air hung low in the trees. Were it not for the slightly cool temperature it would it would have been unpleasant. We had hoped for better this week, the one we spend in the North Carolina mountains every August.

The sun has been hot on our face and we’ve run to escape to the rain that suddenly fell. The sky isn’t wide open like in Florida where we can see the approaching rain. Here it sneaks in over the mountains or hides in what appears to be cloudless skies.

Stepping out of our house we feel the humidity, another thing we hoped to escape… to catch our breaths for this one week before returning to the hot August days and nights.

Our place was higher up on a hillside this year. We had to drive to the meeting place. It was the view on this short drive that turned the less than perfect weather into beauty.

The mist lay heavy on the lake casting a quiet calm. One you could feel. Even driving my breathing slowed. I inhaled the stillness knowing it to be serenity. 

In this quiet I knew peace.

4 thoughts on “In the Quiet

    1. It was a good week. I hope you and yours are faring well in the storm that hit the northeast. ♡

  1. This title caught my attention because I wrote a post with the same title back in September of 2108. But it’s only the titles that match–you and I went in different directions for the posts themselves! Another item we have in common: Florida. My husband and I lived in six different locations over his forty years of pastoral ministry. Now we’re retired in Ohio, near one of our children and his family. I know–we did it backwards! / Your observation about mist over water creating a sense of peace is spot-on. I too have experienced the same many times. Praise God for such moments that bring us back to him, as we recognize the Maker of mist and lakes, our God of peace.

    1. So nice to “meet” you Nancy. My husband and I claimed Florida as home a long time ago. His parents had several pastoral places in Florida which brought him here when he was in grade school and mine began as a teenager. We met, married and had our babies in South Florida, had three different pastoral assignments in FL so it’s really home. Our son has settled in Indiana and said he doesn’t think he could do another Florida summer. As you said, in reverse of your situation. But what brought us to where we are is the same.

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