Before the Microwave

It takes 2 minutes and 20 seconds in the microwave to heat the water for my morning tea. 

A few years ago I used the tea kettle as I thought it was quaint and might be better in some way. It wasn’t the extra time it took to heat. It was the extra time it took for my tea to cool enough for me to drink it.

Before we had microwaves we waited. 

We waited for sweet potatoes to cook an hour in the oven.

We waited for pots to boil hotdogs, and steam vegetables.

We waited half the day for chicken to defrost even longer for ground meat. (I still defrost mine this way.)

photo from Google Images Creative Commons

One time my dad found an electric thing that would cook hotdogs quickly. Here’s a photo of the box so you can see how it worked. You can actually buy a vintage one (they were around in the 70’s) on eBay.

We waited.

Google Images Creative Commons

Our first microwave, bought in the early 80’s, cost around $300. Hard to imagine that today. Friends of ours took a class to learn how to do more than reheat leftovers and boil water faster. With two preschoolers at home, I was only looking for convenience.

Ours had a button on the handle that had to be pressed to release the door to open. We hosted Thanksgiving every year with family and friends. It was on one of those Thanksgivings that the button to open the microwave door stopped working while there was food in it! My husband has always been the Mr. Fix-it but the only solution he could find quickly was to put a string through the button area that had to be pulled to release the latch and open the door. It was a microwave Green Acres Style!

We don’t like to wait and we treasure convenience. Even in retirement when we have more time we don’t want to be inconvenienced and still don’t like to wait. 

We look for the shortest checkout lines (and how does that usually work out?) We drive in the fast lane (ha!) At times, I think we sacrifice our physical and mental health for convenience. 

So when God doesn’t answer us immediately we question if He hears, or worse, if He exists. 

I started baking more during last year in the quarantine days. I’ve always preferred homemade muffins over store bought ones but I also started making cornbread from scratch. I made strawberry shortcakes including the whipped cream (no Cool Whip for us!)

Please do not use photo without permission

It required setting timers and waiting. Yet, I didn’t mind because the end result was satisfying. 

We try to make time fit our life rather than living our best in the unknown time we have. 

I still cook sweet potatoes and steam broccoli in the microwave. 

I still get impatient and frustrated with God when prayers seemingly go unheard.  

I fail to realize time is a gift to be enjoyed and not a tool to be used.

I’m working on it.

4 thoughts on “Before the Microwave

  1. Such a vivid reminder to wait on Him and His goodness. I love your story about the nostalgia of the microwave. I also remember my parents worried we would cook our eyes if we were too close! Thank you for your sweet story and the memories.

    1. I hadn’t heard the ‘cook your eyes’ theory. My parents told me sitting too close to the t.v. could ruin our eyes. Must be a technology thing 😉

  2. I savor slow. In the slow of baking bread, I find peace and serenity and a bit of be here now. I, too, work on patience in many forms. Thank you for reminding me to enjoy the moments of this day as a gift.

    1. It’s always good to see you here, Barbara, and to share our journey in its different forms.

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