Summer Breathes Memories

Granny Mc (McFarland)

Is it summer that brings back memories of long ago or is it age? Today I’m going with a little is summer and a lot is age.

I’ve been thinking about learning and who my teachers have been.

The granddaughter is on summer break from school. She and her family traveled to California for vacation. She went horseback riding in Yosemite, took a hot air balloon ride with her dad in Napa Valley and loved the cool breezes in San Francisco. Travel is a special kind of education.

I spent a lot of summers and time in between with my Granny. I discovered bees and their sting while running barefoot trough the clover in her yard. I benefited from her remedy for taking the pain out of a bee sting.

My spelling improved at her house as there were certain words she’d spell when talking to my uncle. 

She made a paste out of butter and snuff and put it on my sting. Granny said it would draw any poison out with the pain.

Never being a tobacco user I never used her remedy on our kids. My remedy was making sure they kept their shoes on.

Perhaps what I learned most from her was to move more slowly through life.

Granny with me

She began her days reading her bible. We walked to Safeway if she needed sausage or jelly. She enjoyed her women’s group at church but I think she enjoyed laughing even more.

I never saw her worry. She enjoyed her simple life that included a black and white t.v. and no air conditioning. Both my father offered and both she refused. 

Her life taught me about simplicity, family and faith. These are lasting lessons taught through her actions. But our life is different and everything seems to say hurry. Run. Rush.

We practice telling ourselves to breathe so we’ll slow our thoughts.

I’m thinking about these things I saw in Granny. How wise she was and how thankful I am to have spent time with a woman who valued these things in life.

What we learn we hope to pass on. May it be so.

2 thoughts on “Summer Breathes Memories

  1. What beautiful memories and shares. This generation knew how to live well. Thanks for the important reminders from her life.

    1. Yes, they did know how to live well, indeed. Thanks, Cara

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