Ten Days Into Summer Break and She’s Bored

The camp my husband and our kids grew up attending and working

It’s summer. 

Schools have been out here since June 6. Summer camps and vacations are underway. We leave soon to spend a week with our son and daughter in law in Indiana. Shorty after, our daughter and her family leave here for a California vacation. But until then, the granddaughter is already a little bored.

She called today. Like the younger generations, texting is the norm, not phone calls. After a ‘whatcha doing’ I asked, “Are you bored already?” A soft chuckle came as if to say, am I that obvious? Twenty minutes later I was out the door to pick her up for lunch.

I don’t remember being bored during summer vacation. My mom may have told a different story. I remember going to summer camp, spending a week or so at Granny’s until I could stay longer at camp or home by myself.

The days felt long and slow and good.

the lake at Camp Keystone

“What’s one word you’ll hold onto as we move into….”

Emily Freeman posed this question in a blog post earlier this year. I’ve only looked at the question. Several times. No answer. 

I’m considering it more as we move deeper into summer. I think how fleeting this time will be. Summer break from school is no more than two months these days. Months that may start slow but will be gone in a flash.

In retirement the days are much the same but there is a different energy when the days are long and hot.

The word I want to hold tightly is slow. I want the days to be measured and counted. I don’t want a blur, a blink, and they’re gone. 

Is it possible? Can we hold a word and make it so?

I’m ready to try.

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