Can you believe it? I SURVIVED

Son-in-law, daughter, granddaughter on a ride at Sea World

We were standing beside the lake where our kids learned to ski. The water has receded a lot over the last 15 years.  These days there’s no water skiing. It’s all jet ski for tubing in wide circles to the sounds of little voices screaming in delight.

We could see the jet ski swinging kids around on the tube tethered to a large inflatable chair that could hold 3 little bodies. It was more secure than expecting an 8 year old to hold tightly on a fat innertube when the rope swung around.

As we walked up I heard one of those little voices say, “Can you believe it? I SURVIVED!”

This was probably the most dramatic thing in her young life. And she survived!

Has that thought come to you as life starts to reopen? We know some who haven’t survived and others who are still struggling with lingering effects of COVID. My 89 year old aunt was well protected in her assisted living facility, though that meant no in person visits for more than a year. (Perhaps effects from the lack of touch and in person connection has left a deeper mark.) 

Have you survived? Or have you’ve only made it. There is a difference. Have you said, like I have, breathless as you walk in after being stuck in traffic – I made it.

This pandemic has taken a lot out of us and while we are declaring it time for life to return as we knew it things have changed. We’ve changed. Some of us have made it and others have survived. 

They are both good. There’s no loss in making it. It’s something. A big something. Maybe we can make it even bigger this summer.

Maybe we can have cookouts and spend time at the pool or beach without worry. Maybe we can see each other’s smile again. I think I’m smiling at everyone these days. 

We can go on vacations and stand in long lines at amusement parks sweating as our children wait with anticipation on their faces.

We can hug each other and be reminded of the importance of human touch. 

Maybe it’s just semantics but I want to be like the little girl, voice full of enthusiasm as I make the statement as a bold proclamation of triumph:


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