Easy Enough to Make as a Gift, Delicious Enough to Keep

Christmas is the time I do a little extra in the kitchen. Extra as in making cookies and chocolatey things the holidays give us a good excuse to indulge. Although, 2020 has given us good reason to indulge with food and it’s called the COVID-15….or 20, whatever.

Over the years, I’ve found the recipes that aren’t complicated and people enjoy. I’ve been asked for this recipe for chocolate covered pecans more than anything I’ve made. They are easy to package for sweet treats for the mailman, hair dresser, or neighbors. Although I highly recommend you make some to keep for yourself. If you don’t, your list of who to share with will quickly shrink.

Above are the basics. This year I found a new product that makes it even easier. Looking for the traditional candy melts at Walmart I found Log House Candiquick. The chocolate is in a tray that allows you to put all of it in the microwave and melt following their directions. How quickly it melts will depend on your microwave. Mine took a little longer. Don’t rush it. That doesn’t help. Trust me on that.

The draw back for me was the 3 cups of roasted pecans I had didn’t fit easily but it did coat the pecans well. There are only microwaving instructions on the package. I didn’t make peppermint bark this year but the pack says “makes a great bark!”.

The real limitation was Walmart didn’t offer a variety of flavors. From the flavors most liked by what I’ve given to others, dark chocolate edges out milk chocolate by a little but the real favorite is salted caramel. For that, I went back to the traditional melts I found at Michael’s.

The recipe I’m sharing with you is messier and more clean up but salted caramel is worth the extra time and mess. Plus, you can lick the bowl!

If you’re still leaving milk and cookies for Santa, might I suggest leaving him a few of these delicious salted caramel covered pecans? He won’t even leave a crumb.

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