Wonder & Delight

I would not have chosen these words. Not at this time. 



To break through the storms of hate, 

The clouds of fear

Look now

If you look with expectancy you’ll see

… colorful blooms stretching beyond the fence

not allowing their beauty to be constrained.

… another sunrise ….the colors of sunset

cardinals dancing through the air with their showy colors of red

I lap up the smiles and laughter from our granddaughter as she plays with their dog in their new backyard.

Delight is found when she snuggles in bed with me and introduces me to one of her Netflix shows

We share smiles on Saturday morning when Baba knows what she really wants for breakfast is the chocolate covered doughnut from the shop up the street.

This is delight.

These are times of wonder.

They are not showy. We will miss them if we aren’t looking.

Look with expectancy. 

Be the wonder for someone else.

{These words: Wonder & De[light], have been given to us this month by Kim Klassen, leader of the photography group I’m in. It’s open to anyone interested in photography and art. Click here for more information. This is my personal recommendation. I’m receiving nothing in exchange for this. }

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