How Will You Write Your New Normal?

Our son is the traditionalist in our family. He likes meeting at the big lake in North Carolina every summer, spending Christmas with us and going to the beach on Christmas day. When I text our kids on Easter Sunday “He is risen” he is the one who responds “He is risen indeed”. 

Jonathan has been on his own more than 20 years but this boy likes tradition. He likes routine.

The past few months our routines have been disrupted if not destroyed. This year, most of our traditions will also be broken.

We will not travel to attend family graduations because there will be no open public events.

Our granddaughter’s summer camp has been cancelled as has our week at the lake in North Carolina.

A dear friend has postponed her wedding not knowing how things will be in July.

New words have been added to our daily dialogue. We are sheltering at home, social distancing and self-isolating.

Some of us are a month or longer into this new normal as it’s been called though there is nothing normal about it.

Dr. Anthony Faucci predicts we won’t return to normal.

While we mourn the things we’re missing and some that may be lost forever do your thoughts turn to what your new normal will be?

I anxiously wait for the day when my granddaughter and daughter will wrap their arms around me again in the hugs I dearly miss.

I want to put the scarfs and masks away and not stalk the toilet paper aisles. But what can I add in creating a new ordinary?

This needn’t be  goal-setting or resolution-making but time to dream a little and create ways to make yesterday’s dream tomorrows normal.

I confess, I’m not a dreamer. Overthinking and ‘what-if’s’ are sure dream-stoppers. Fear of disappointment or of asking too much have kept my dreams small. So maybe we start with small.

Photographer Kim Klassen offers these suggestions:

Take pictures, make art

write gratitude

pray hard

look for the light.

Say I love you LOTS.

phone a friend, write a love letter.

cry, laugh, be still

and check-in with yourself LOTS.


Kim Klassen

This is a good start. It’s a normal I’d like to cultivate.

Sceneries may change and new traditions will be born. We’ll hang on to the hugs a bit longer, call more often and yes, say I love you.

We’ll discover new light and celebrate as our mourning turns into dancing.

Click on image for a free download from our website. Use it as wallpaper for your smartphone.

4 thoughts on “How Will You Write Your New Normal?

  1. Every line is filled with grace and truth, Debby. Your experiences and observations mirror my own.

    But God …

    1. The phrase being used, in it together, is true. But God is always the peace that sustains us and gives us hope. I’m thankful for your kindred heart, Linda.

  2. Well written. What a blessing. Thank you.

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