What’s Saving My Life {February}

Photoshop Text Basics class

Last week I was taking a free class offered by photographer, Kim Klassen. I’ve taken many of her classes, paid and free. All of these classes are taken via the internet but as I was heading into the last day of the class I realized how much I look forward to them. The more extensive, paid, version of this preview class I took starts next week. I jumped in early to register. Experience has taught me how much Kim over delivers and what a skilled teacher she is.

As I thought of the upcoming class I felt a sense of satisfaction. It’s the kind of feeling you have when you do something purposeful.

In January I took one of her classes to learn more about the GoodNotes app. This month was the short 3-day class but in between Kim offers live Q&A sessions (free), includes photography related tips on her blog with how-to videos and engages with her students on Instagram.

Learning, whether it’s a new band, book or recipe, is always a bonus. Sometimes it comes from an short article, a YouTube video or my granddaughter. The photography classes are more formal with specific goals. They are on a subject I greatly enjoy and want to continuing learning.

January’s 4×6 calendar class

I am waiting to hear about a volunteer position I’ve applied for at a hospital. It feels like the right fit for me but the waiting, which could be a couple of months, was unexpected. I’m still looking for a way to contribute and feel purposeful. As I wait, not always patiently, these classes have saved me.

Photography isn’t the kind of connection I’m accustomed to. It’s not direct interaction with people or preparing special events and worship services or listening to the hearts of others. Perhaps there’s something I’m not seeing. Maybe, through this form of art I’m communicating in new ways. Or maybe, it’s what I’m learning from Kim’s generous spirit and encouraging heart.

I seem to ignore the thoughts that this may be a time for listening more than doing.

I waited patiently for the Lord

He inclined and heard my cry

He brought me up out of the pit

Out of the mire and clay

I will sing, sing a new song

I will sing, sing a new song

40 – U2
(taken from Psalm 40:1-3)

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