Relationship Management 101

image by DebbyHudson, creative

We sat across from Samantha at the branch bank. She was young with a friendly smile. We were a bit stressed having had some information compromised but her kindness helped calm us.

The name plaque was on her desk with her title under her name:


I don’t know all of Samantha’s duties but I gather it’s to help people with their banking needs. I haven’t thought of that as a relationship.

Aren’t we all relationship managers? We’ve sorted out quarrels between our children. We’ve reached a truce with our neighbors and realized the best course of action with our spouse was to show grace.

That sounds like relationship management to me. Instead we’re called teachers, parents, and friends.

Negotiating friendships and connections is tricky business. It requires understanding, empathy and, perhaps the most difficult trait: patience.

The main attributes Samantha displayed didn’t require a degree or special training. They are, as a friend says, “doable” for all of us: smile, genuinely want to help, listen.

Relationship management 101

2 thoughts on “Relationship Management 101

  1. I love that photo right at the top, Debby! It’s a great inspiration as I launch into today …

    1. Thank you, Linda. It was taken in our home in South Florida (with a little Photoshop help for the name plate). The typewriter did come with us 🙂

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