Room For Hope

A fellow blogger is using this winter season when the weather isn’t kind to being outdoors where she lives to sort out the hidden places. She calls them hide-aways and she’s counted about 70 in her home.

Do you have hide-aways? Little places where you tuck unmet expectations and dashed hopes?

Barbara is tossing out the unnecessary and organizing the rest. We seem to always have a spot with keys that don’t seem to fit anything and batteries that don’t work. The useless bits end up in sections of drawer dividers until someone decides to go through the junk. That someone is usually me.

I’d rather go through the junk drawer than the dim places of my heart that have taken up space where hope used to dwell.

When my idea of home was shattered I realized I had put hope in a place that couldn’t soothe my aching heart.

At some point, someone put pens that didn’t write, batteries that were spent and keys that didn’t work in that drawer. It was easier to leave the useless in their spot than throw them out. Sometimes we choose to live with the hidden rather than make a decision that will result in change.

It’s easier for me to worry and fear than clean out the hurts and make room for hope. I’m familiar with the feelings. I’ve even grown a little comfortable with disappointment. But we weren’t mean for fear and worry, friends. We were meant to hope.

In your journal, write a few words that define areas of hope you struggle with. (This is your private space for your eyes only. Let this be a place of release and grace.)

Next, color a rainbow over the words to remind you of God’s grace that covers our struggles.


My friend is slowly going about her home taking stock of what to keep and what to toss. In her words, “Open. Empty. Evaluate. Discuss. Decide. Keep. Toss. Recycle. Donate”.

Might we consider a similar process this Advent as we prepare Him room in our life?

In you, O Lord is all hope. You are hope for the hopeless. When I demand answers remind me of your sovereignty. When my expectations fail me surprise me with peace. Help me share your hope more freely.


*This post includes excerpts fromPrepare Him Room Art Journal Through Advent

4 thoughts on “Room For Hope

  1. Such a great metaphor, Debby. I’ll need to do some thinking about this, because you’re right — after 57 years of living, I’ve got stuff stashed all over the place. Memories. Fears. Regrets. Maybe if I do a little internal cleaning, there’ll be more room for hope, joy, and even forgiveness.

    1. Thanks, Barbara, for allowing me to link with your blog post. As I was writing this your post kept coming to mind so thanks for providing the metaphor 🙂 Sadly, I’m not always good at following my own advice.

  2. I love the journaling exercise and the prayer at the end. It’s not easy to dig through the hidden things but it’s worth it to make room for hope.

    1. I’m so glad you connected to this Lesley. I actually wrote a whole art journaling piece for Advent this year and decided to use portions in my blog. It’s more introspective than art. I’m not sure which is scarier 😉

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